New to the scene. Not new to the game!

War Machine Tattoo is here to bring your body modification dreams to reality. Our group has years of experience and we have a steady rotation of guest tattooers available to provide you the only place in town that can truly do it all.

Opened in 2016 with the idea of bringing proper service to the tattooed and pierced of Louisiana. War Machine Tattoo is here to bring you a different experience than what you're used to. A traditional street shop built on the traditions of the past. None of the bullshit that has become unbelievably common in todays shops. Apprentices that never finished their apprenticeships, opening their own shop with mommy's money. No self taught scratchers trying to look like professionals while destroying your body. No prima donna artists, too busy to give you the time of day. And none of the careless and reckless tattooers doing tattoos that won't stand the test of time because they are afraid to tell you "no" or "it shouldn't be done exactly like that".

We know what will last and what won't, but that doesn't mean we only tattoo in one style or one look. We tattoo from old school ideals, leading to strong work rooted in the practices of those who have learned what it takes to make a tattoo last a lifetime. We know your best interests are also ours. We know this is forever and strive to provide you an experience not just a tattoo or piercing.

The rest of the site allows you to check out the individual artists. Find links to what people are saying about us. Figure out where we are located. Get our phone number. And to print out those care instructions you might have misplaced. There's no better way of getting to know us than seeing for yourself.

No tattoo or piercing project is to big or to small. There ain't nothing we won't do to make you happy. It's perfectly clear, we're not here for a good time, we are here for a long time!


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